Online Concept for Talks

Presenting authors of talks (plenary, invited and conventional oral contributions) should pre-record their contributions and upload them to the conference platform before August 19

The videos will then be shown to the audience using a video communication software (Cisco Webex) during the allocated live session. 

Each video will be followed by a short Q&A session, whereby the speaker will be able to directly address the questions from the audience, just like during a conventional conference. 

This pre-recording format was chosen to avoid potential technical problems during live sessions, while at the same time trying to keep a high level of interactivity. In addition, this gives the speaker the opportunity to have a relaxed session and focus on answering the questions. 

The video will remain available on the platform for on-demand viewing one month after the session, with a chat option for posting direct questions to the speaker (asynchronous Q&A). 

Please note that all times are referring to the German local time (CEST – Central European Summer Time).

Detailed instructions for the video preparation can be found here: Presentation and Poster information